Monday, December 8, 2008

An exciting Monday!

Very tired! from a weekend at City Arts Market.

Got up this morning to meet Todd Spitler, the photographer ( check him out!) at the Mommalicious & Smilin' Gal Store at. 310 North Queen Street, Lancaster, PA 17603 to take pictures of my art to submit for consideration for the upcoming book by Quarry Books: 1000 Ideas for Creative ReUse.
what a fantastic setting let me say...Alicia Thank YOU!!!! the store is so beautiful. The furniture and other retro pieces with their rosy and aqua tones, give off such a glow. We had fun positioning my pieces against furniture, etc. I was so proud to see my work in that setting, as I know the photos will turn out so cool, with that wonderful setting, one of the best vintage stores in the USA!
(this door shot didn't look as cool as we thought, but you should SEE that door against an art deco rose sofa and cool items- OH MY!)

Thank you so much to Todd for doing this for me. He's very nice to work with and I've seen him in action at weddings and he is very professional and does a beautiful job.

Then to my moms to pick up my son and make gingerbread cookies!!!!

Then back home to Lancaster to find the 1000 Handmade Greeting and Clever Correspondence book I'm in on the doorstep!
and here are my two cards. the blue one has someone elses name under it :-(((((( but it will be corrected in the next printings. The color looks so nice on that one too!

This book is cool because it has work in it from two of my local friends Maggie Mowery ( and Alicia Holland from Ten Thousand Greetings.

A very very cold Monday, but a great day I'll remember!

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Rachel-Marie said...

ooo Maggie, good luck with the recycled book! Can't wait to see the greeting card book, could you bring it to the next meeting?

Hey - I tagged you on my blog!