Monday, December 22, 2008

A Trip to ReStore

Today Max and I went to ReStore, to pick up some supplies to last us through the holidays and beyond. Here is a pic of everything we bought today in the trunk of my car.

I will be at Building Character January 2, First Friday, off of Queen Street, and I need to make some bigger pieces. I want to make a few large mixed media pieces, like big landscapes with city buildings, all really bright using fabrics and paint. I also want to make small Lancaster city bird/Lancaster city pieces with street names.

So here we are shopping....

This is my favorite aisle, the cabinet door aisle. It has taken me many many trials and errors as I've learned what types of doors to choose. I cannot paint on laminate, and doors that are too scratched don't do well either. Additionally, I won't by a door if there are visible hinge cut outs, but I will buy doors with cabinet pull holes.

It is a little daunting coming here with my 3 year old...but it's well worth it for cool supplies. I only buy doors that inspire me somehow. I am never quite sure what it will cost me. Additionally, I have to load it all in my car, and get it all out of my car when I get home. I store my doors in the basement so it's back and forth to the basement, down a flight of stairs, etc. And sometimes they need cleaned too.

I probably go here about 6-8 times a year. I love using salvaged materials. This store benefits Habitat for Humanity, so someone out there will get a better place to live, and I get cool art supplies. I always feel proud when I leave because this is the kind of thing my Godfather Peter Simchock would do, as well as my Dad.

If you look in my trunk:-) you will see a neat little stool, which I'll sit on at my stand (after painting it of course), a neat corner shelf thing, that I'll turn sideways and use to store my photos for sale at my table, etc. Neat things today, including these small square doors AND two long doors that have mirrors in them. Look for them painted with Lancaster street names at Building Character.

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Rachel-Marie said...

How cuteeee! You are doing such an amazing job with Max. He's having such a beautiful childhood. I loved seeing pictures on how you pick out your pieces. Great blog!