Monday, December 29, 2008

Where the magic happens...

So I'm in full swing getting ready for Friday at Building Character and painting some fun things...including this door with flowers made from vintage wrapping paper, an old children's book ("5A and 7B" by Eleanor Schick) , and the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal and New Era from Christmas Day 2008. (this is one of the doors pictured in my trunk from a last week post).

I also started a Lancaster mirror tonight-more on that later...but it's Red!

I usually work upstairs at my kitchen table, as I can watch my son while I paint, and I don't really like painting in my workshop, which is in my basement. The downside is that at any given moment a visitor could pop by and see this mess:-)

I clean up right away when I'm done working, and everything is all tidy again for the morning.

I actually had a dream last night that I was in Ireland at someone's house, staying there for a while, and I couldn't paint anywhere. I really wanted to turn their breakfast nook into my painting area, but that wasn't going over well and was causing tension, so I didn't know what to do or where to go. Also, I kept forgetting to help with the cooking. They had three kitchens and I just kept wondering, "can I paint here? can I paint there?" and after two days everyone was annoyed, because I hadn't cooked anything for anyone including me. So I went downtown and just walked around!


Pretty_Bamboo said...

I stumbled across your blog...very cool and interesting. I surprised to see that we have a lot in common. Both military brats...both sell on etsy...and you won't believe it, but I live in New England...currently! (lol) anyhow...I wanted to say keep up the very intersting art work!

siangshian said...

your art work is superb! love them!! ^^