Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thinking about love...and Valentine's Day...

Oh what a busy week I've had felting and working, and taking care of the little ones. Max started Occupational Therapy this week, and while Mimi played on the floor, Max got to swing across the therapy room in a giant inner tube. That place is terrific, with children riding strange and fantastical vehicles down the long hallways. Makes me want to turn my house into a recreational center too. So far Max is using his scooter in the house. but what else can I do? I've gotta think about this. To me, there'd be nothing better than to turn our 50's rec room basement into a romper room of sorts.

I was hard at work this past week creating flowers for Valentines day- for both the My Aunt Debbie Shop, and the Mandarin Rose Spa at the Lancaster Marriott. I am so excited how they turned out, with their clear Valentine colors, and shimmering sequin and beaded centers. And right when I was in the market for a three-tiered vintage plate server, one came to me, for the amazing price of $9 at a local downtown shop. Love love love! I love how my display turned out at My Aunt Debbie. Of course, I wish I could sprinkle my flowers everywhere and hang them from the ceiling! Watching "Celine Dion Through The Eyes of the World" on the OWNetwork tonight, I was thinking about bringing British Wensleydale wool to every continent...hee hee. but Yes, I really WAS thinking that!

I had a small batch of moo cards made to use as tags on my pieces. They arrived last weekend, and I love how they turned out, and have some ideas of how I can change them up to match the seasons. I think they give my customers a better idea of how the pieces can be worn, and collected!

New things are coming into the newly rearranged My Aunt Debbie Shop from artists. The store is more fun to shop in than ever, with the coolest things, including these killer winter message mittens by Cori Haughery of Fybster. Happy New Year!

This morning our Indie Arts group had our annual holiday Indie gift exchange. As I sit here I am wearing my new Socklady socks from Maggie Mowery. Cool, eh? We met at Chestnut Hill Cafe. It was a lovely end to my busy week.
Mimi accompanied me, and was a precious good girl. taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of her first coffee shop experience. it felt like a community, as I showed her off for the first time to several friends, and I could see the preschool she'll attend through the window from my seat.

I gave an MFA headband and this lovely little notebook from the artist Norma Kooi.

and even little Clay got a gift. what a lucky boy! from our infamous quilter Vicky Gertenbach~!

The week ended on an upswing tonight. We went thrift store shopping and to Target. (well the boys went to Target and the girls went to Goodwill.) There amongst the heaping bins, now 85 cents an item (and a crazy crowd. hello recession!...who ARE these folks?!), I pulled out a familiar dark purple shirt. I looked at the tag. Marks and Spencer. I looked at the size. I looked it over. And my goodness. It was the very shirt I bought in Ireland years ago.
the cutest shirt in M&S at the time. I had bought it on a chilly afternoon, alone in M&S. I wore it out with friends, and had treasured it.
but I had given it away to charity 2 years ago. I spoke out loud to a random guy. "This was the shirt I bought in Ireland! The very shirt! I gave it away like Two years ago!"
For 85 cents, it was mine again. (How could I not buy it back?!)

I have no idea where it's been or who it's been with these last two years but amazingly, it's back with me. and now it's got quite a story.


Matt said...

Someday we've gotta get back to Ireland and have our picture taken in front of the Temple Bar with Max and Mimi....

Maggie French said...

i agree honey!