Friday, January 7, 2011

First Friday January 2011

We're seven days into January...

and already it feels like real winter, but so much is going on anyway. I'm felting and sewing away while minding my sweet baby and son.
I think the combination of new motherhood and lots of handiwork has given me a little pea size bump in my hand, that's made my hand go numb. I have an appointment with a hand surgeon, but since I want to avoid any drama, I am using acupuncture.
I am very lucky that my good friend Jo Ellen- often pictured in my blog (mom of Opal and Kai), is an acupuncturist and runs Blossoms and Roots Wellness.
Here's my hand today during a session. She came to my house. Nice, eh? Jo Ellen is very skilled and caring- having trained at the University of Westminster in London, and I highly recommend her. Find her at the Mandarin Rose Spa at the Lancaster Marriott and Convention Center (and my flowers are there too!)

We had a busy day this Friday (after a busy and exciting week- more on that later), but could not miss Lancaster's January First Friday. With Mimi having had shots today, and it being rather cold, we decided to head downtown, but indoors to the new
Lancaster Creative ReUse shop in the basement of the Armory on Queen Street.
Here, you can find lots of inexpensive things for your crafty pleasure...all donated by local individuals and businesses. It makes me realize that Lancaster city is becoming quite the labyrinth of artistic destinations.

As you can guess...I bought one of these gorgeous little boxes of vintage threads...

and we all enjoyed checking out the bins and piles of goodies that you can use in your art. from fabric, to wood, to old computer keys. I also picked up random beads, and embroidery floss, stretchy banded elastic, and a few other bits and pieces.

then, when I was nearly done I spotted a bag of sweater felt. I was bent over like a little maniac pulling out all the reds/peaches/oranges/blues. (which can be hard to find if you are ever on a mission for lovely old sweaters at the Goodwill).

It's nights like this in the winter that I long for summer a bit- I miss Max being able to roam around enjoying street music, running into dozens of friends, and eating ice cream in the heat...but I'm SO glad that Max and Mimi have the chance to be in an artistic environment, whatever the weather, anytime of year!

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