Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm so sorry I stepped on your cat...

I'm awkward right now. I'm so sorry. I just had a baby you see... I'll be back to normal soon. it will happen.

This seems to be my mantra these days, as January comes to a close.

There's been cool work for me this year already. Helping a local artist in her fantastic downtown Lancaster studio. A dream come true. Mimi is able to come along with me. and that's wonderful. WONDERFUL. but kind of awkward. (That's when I stepped on my new bosses cat.) (Within my first half hour there!)
with my awkwardness in tow, i've been enjoying baby moments.

and of course, I've been working in my studio...

So. After lots of felting and sewing this month I am pleased to announce that twenty shimmering Wensleydale brooches were delivered to the My Aunt Debbie Shop at 310 North Queen Street today. They are not only for sale for Valentine's Day, they'll be part of the February window display- being installed right now! on robins egg blue trees!

Then there's the box of flowers headed to York by post today, for the grand opening of Hollie Chantiles' new Lotus Moon Yoga Studio at 237 North George Street downtown. (with finishing touches being done right now in York!) Here's Mimi sporting some from their stash...they reminded me of the moon:-)

And there's also a brand new stash of Wensleydale flowers in the Mandarin Rose Spa at the Marriott Convention Center in Lancaster- sitting in their newly upgraded facilities.

Meanwhile this month, Mimi has gotten even gentler, more wide eyed, and more dear. And Max is growing up and up. and talking like a big boy. (full sentences and interesting conversations are coming at me from the back seat)

Tonight we await another winter storm. But all the flowers have been delivered or mailed, and I can take a moment (or a couple of days) and breathe a little sigh. Clean my house. Vacuum up angelina fibers and bits of wool on my carpets. Play with the kids. Be calm. and enjoy a bit of winter. and maybe play in the snow.
in my big coat.

and to Mrs. Bossman, I'm so sorry I stepped on Mr. Muff.

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