Sunday, June 1, 2008

Things Recycled/or Upcycled:

so here's a list of what at my table today has been..."upcycled"

art painted on cabinet doors using salvaged house paints
pen cups made from tea containers and tin cans and parts of a knitted handbag
a table made from a pot rack, stair spindles, and a beautiful glossy cabinet door (the top)
crosses made from twigs from my yard, some made with my mom's old yarn, and vintage buttons
my sign is made from an old wicker thing my mother-in-law found
necklaces made from mahogany wood trim
personalized kid signs made from my Dad's scrap wood and my left over fabric
plaque holder box is a drawer left at our house when we moved in that I repainted
small birdie plaques are made with pieces of that same knitted handbag (a piece of that bag can also be seen on one of greeting cards in the book "1000 Handmade Greetings" due out in Feb 09.)
crosses also made with parts of handbag, left over yarn, vintage buttons

I am going to teach a class to Girl Scouts in September (a recycling art project). If anyone wants to be an artist, but is worried about the cost of supplies, and that is hindering you, remembering that you can create neat things from found objects too!

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