Sunday, June 8, 2008

Too Hot for Socks

oh my God it is HOT. Eastern Market was empty yesterday, but the chair I made with the kids turned out great. Inside the open building, I was just warm, but loading my car back up, crossing back and forth across King Street, I nearly blacked out from the heat.
(loading my car after a show, is like loading the luggage of a family of five for a two week trip).
Sometime, around 10:30pm I passed out in my bed. I awoke in my clothes at 11am, the house was a mess. I still had barrettes in my hair. :-)
It is still nearly 100 degrees outside. DH is removing my black dining room chandelier with handpainted poka dot lamp shades and replacing it with a ceiling fan, the air conditioner is on, curtains are closed and I am happy as can be inside cleaning and drinking gatorade.

Look for new things added to my etsy page this week, CUZ I'M NOT DOING SHOWS FOR A WHILE! :-)

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