Monday, June 23, 2008

DogStar Bookstore

Tomorrow I hang my work for the DogStar Bookstore LIA exhibit, that begins July 4. Originally I had planned to bring a few things I've made in the last couple months, as my inspiration was a bit low (but my housekeeping excitement was high!)
Then Friday came, and I'm typically excited to get creative on Fridays and during the weekend (don't ask me why, but I can really pound stuff out on those days of the week.)
On Friday I decided to paint "Carnival Night" and it's heaven to me. I am so happy because I've been making things I just love, and I don't care if no one else likes them! and isn't that how it should be? :-)
Then Saturday came, and H E R E' S the kicker: my Dad had bought me this giant "captains" chair a week ago and it's been in my studio (aka basement). So I decide to paint it for the DogStar event.
And then I'm at Lowes buying black paint, and up til 3am Saturday night, and working on it Sunday, and then at Lowe's twice today (Monday) buying sealer and more sealer, and painting and now the "Storyteller Chair" is sitting on my back porch with a fan blowing on it (that was a lot of paint and sealer, it's a BIG chair!) so hopefully it won't smell tomorrow at 10am!!!! when I bring it to the bookstore.
No pictures tonight, it's a secret. It is really a great match to my Buy Fresh Buy Local Chair, and they look cool together.
So here it comes....kind of nervewracking, whipping up an enormous painted folk art chair last minute.
Here's a quote from it, and special for the DogStar:
"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." - Groucho Marx

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