Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Crazy clothes

Last night was the 12th anniversary of a car accident that nearly killed me. Each year when this time comes around, I feel a sense of nervousness, and I feel that I could be seconds away from the end. It's a chilling time for me, right when the weather starts to really heat up, ironically.
With no one knowing how long they will live, why do we spend years being uncreative with our clothes?
This year I have become more aware of my appearance in that way, and after being creative every day and loving it, it feels so odd to wear boring things and colorless things, and I realize how it will negatively effect me through the day.
Listening to people's reactions in the movie theater about Carrie's clothes in Sex and the City was so funny. Her character feels freedom to wear what she feels like.
Shouldn't life be more like that, and not so restrictive? why do people feel they have to be plain and pompous? it's kind of boring if you think about it.
if each day is more important than we realize, shouldn't our clothes be memorable and interesting to at least ourselves?
Need some inspiration?
Check out Carrie's most outrageous outfits:

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lilfly said...

I totally agree.