Thursday, May 17, 2012

Maggie French Accessories at Tweed Ride Victoria

This past weekend, Victoria, British Columbia held it's 2012 Tweed Ride. Local Victoria artist Denise Nicholls, who provided me with these great shots, sported a custom Maggie French tweed bow made from Izzy Lane offcuts that she paired with a pink feather, front and center!, on her vintage Willoughby hat.
My popular Izzy Lane tweed bobby pin sets also made a tweedy entrance. And Denise created the brooch she wore with the scraps from hemming her riding shorts. I think her and GJ look fantastic. (GJ even won "Best Socks" for his Mother of Guadelupe socks they picked up in San Fran.) Check out their adventures here for wonderful tidbits from the arty scene in their cool Old Town neighborhood (which I'd love to visit).
Denise notes on her blog, "A quick stop at The Fairfield Market on Oscar Street who provided the riders with some delicious scones. Our bicycles were judged for superbness by Fairfield Bicycle Shop, and we had a bit of time for a quick look around the Moss Street Market and the Vintage Fair."
I am obsessed lately with tweed runs and just can't get enough of the photos of these rides around the country and in London. This has led me down a tweedy path over the past couple of months, with a sponsorship for a Minnesota ride in the works, and talks with a tweedy cycle supply retailer. How fun does this look?! Is anyone in Lancaster thinking what I'm thinking?


denise kathleen said...

Hooray! Tweed Rides for everyone! Hope you can make your happen, and provide fabulous tweedy accessories for all the riders! xx

Maggie said...

awh, thanks Denise! i have a British bicycle, guess I better "get on it!"