Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Busy End to May

Gosh, May has ended and I forgot to blog about it. We are busy here preparing for my parents 50th anniversary. Lots of secret decorations in the works. Look for my post next weekend on 50th anniversary decorations on a budget! Also lots of making of Izzy Lane wool headbands(= house a mess!). I had my beloved neighbor in the house to bring in some party decorations and there were ivy vine leaves on my rec room floor. I had forgotten I had just made a wreathe. There are tweedy bits on the counter tops.
This was also the last week of school for Max, here in Pennsylvania. I've never been a Mom before to a public schooler. I did not know how busy the last couple weeks of school are.
I thought the end of the year would feel like a relief celebration, how I remembered it as a kid. But instead, it's been sort of anxiety producing. This week I remembered cucumbers and chocolate chips for school, a beach towel and sunscreen for Thursday.
Wednesdays play at 2pm. And very early dismissal Friday. I scheduled six summer doctor appointments, got the camp health form to the drs office, and picked it up. Then mailed all the camp documents to camp, and signed up for theater camp. God help the mothers with lots of kids. How is your mind not spinning? Anyway, ready or not, summer is here. We went to the Mount Joy Popcorn Festival.
And visited That Fish Place, which is always a nice free treat.
Max did wonderfully in his end of year play. I remember the parents in tears on the first day of school. I was smiling for him then. But Wednesday I was just overwhelmed that he's come so far this year. I am so proud of him.
Mimi continues to amaze us. All 19.8 pounds of her. I am reflective lately of Max getting older and what I wish for him as a young teenager. And I wonder how Mimi will develop her own interests. For her future occupation I've thought of helicopter flight nurse, or wild animal researcher. She's extremely bright, has excellent motor skills, and is rather adventurous, loving, and caring too.
My pieces from Izzy Lane remnant tweed are available online now in my Etsy shop.
I am proud that I've been able to partner with Isobel and use her offcuts to make these pieces. I have sent some samples to magazines this week announcing my line, and am excited that a tweedy cycle supplier will carry them too.
Well, back to cleaning, cooking dinner, and 50th anniversary decorations and music selection. Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Wow, and I thought I was busy; can't imagine adding children to the mix! Our small cat has almost no appointments or commitments which makes her the best little friend and housemate for us. Hope you 'll have a wonderful summer with time for rest! xx d

Love all the new headbands!!

Maggie said...

oh you're the best Denise! It is very busy and crazy. I hope you have a wonderful summer too. Your cat sounds so sweet! xxx