Friday, May 11, 2012

Landis Valley 25th Annual Garden and Herb Faire 2012

The Landis Valley Annual Garden and Herb Faire, with all of it's heirloom plants, wagon loaded shoppers, sunhats, herb cracker spreads, and potted arrangements is an annual tradition for my Mom and I. It's such a nice way to get together for Mother's Day weekend. She helps me by suggesting things for my garden and I end up with heirloom tomato plants and tasty little herbs all summer long- and I love the crowd. The same eco friendly downtown Lancaster crowd- lots of them are there.:)
This year little Mimi went along again. This time she dug in the dirt and sang to the animals.
I've enclosed some photos again this year of the textile making equipment from the museum, as well as their plant dyed fibers.
I always vow to bring more money with me the next year. I suddenly imagine becoming quite the gardener. Also I imagine being a better eater. Well, one that dines on the porch with food arranged nicely on my french tablecloth (crackers with herb cheese spread and ice tea). While cutting my cottage garden grown tomato with a knife and fork.
I really love this annual tradition of ours.
It's a spring tradition you dream about during the winter, wondering if things will ever be green and warm again.
Ahh. to a lovely summer ahead.
PS. I saw more tweed on attendees here, than I've seen elsewhere, but maybe I'm just noticing tweed more. Men's hats, ladies capes. Herringbone jackets. Tweed Ride one weekend, garden faire the next...nice lifestyle:) xx

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