Saturday, October 1, 2011

Crafts. It's what's for dinner.

I've been having a fantastic time felting. Serious, Very Serious, Fabulous Felting. I've assembled wool before Mimi napped, wet felted during her naps, sewed while she played, and kept it up any other minute possible in the day. or night. A few times a day I forced myself to tidy up, do dishes or switch the laundry.

When the felting spree came to a gentle "all done!" and proud close, I reclaimed the house. Sort of. I washed everything that needed washed, cleaned the bathroom, and vacuumed up all the wool bits and strings from my floors.
Change is truly in the air. Things seem to be beginning and coming to a close at the same time. My tomato plant spurting out the last of last seasons tomatoes. My son beginning school, the end of summer, and abrupt arrival of chilly weather.
My baby Mimi still needs fed (high fat/calorie foods) five times a day (and nursed too) as we are still perplexed by her slow weight gain. Last week, I think Mimi got extra milk from me, as she stuck by my side as I sewed and felted, felted and sewed.

I'll have you know, that I experienced unbridled joy last week. As I was able to create to my hearts content.
Dreamy it was. I even dreamed of felting while I slept. I got to try out new ideas. I was in wool heaven with an exciting deadline. With my kids. And a little bit of coffee to keep me going.


ca said...

Hi, Maggie-
I found your shop on Etsy and contacted you a while ago about purchasing the French food-inspired clips, but I never heard back. I will re-post another message to you via Etsy and am hoping to hear back from you.
Thank you!

sweetmaggiemay said...

oh Christina,
thank you for your email, i'm so sorry for the delay. just sent you a message through Etsy:)