Sunday, October 30, 2011

We got a bit of snow. In OCTOBER!

While the snow, on October 29, 2011, was coming down quite heavily yesterday, I got outside for some quick snowy pics...kind of a surprise treat to be able to capture some pre-holiday images:) look at my new banner! mmm. those are hat bows. I have a show in a couple of weeks, so I may use these with my label. (and customers are ALWAYS asking me for little flowers or things they can pin to their winter hats)
below, Wensleydale hat bows and hair clip bows. looking extra heavenly.

but soon after there were some cracking sounds and some crashing down sounds. and then this one skimmed the car.

so I moved the car across the street, walked inside. took my boots off. put my slippers on. then a big crack. a big leafy boom...and then there was this...

it's a bit odd and out of sorts feeling having snow in October. didn't realize that leaves on trees + snow= tree limb problems.
didn't like the no phone, no cable, no internet bit either. but did like the excitement of crazy weather. as always...

and so we will greet our trick or treaters tomorrow night. with a front yard that looks like this. one for the memory books, for sure.

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