Sunday, October 9, 2011

First Friday October in Lancaster

I am mad busy over here. Stitching away remnants sent from heaven.
We've had a nice family 10 year wedding anniversary weekend (kicked off at the Bull's Head British Pub in Lititz on Thursday night.)
Followed by First Friday with all of us downtown...
The spirit in the city was a little quieter than in the summer- but there were gangs of college kids pouring into stores and restaurants (and of course me trudging through the sidewalks with kids).
I met Caitlin Brady (from my last post on Community Sponsored Agriculture)in the My Aunt Debbie shop. We never met, but of course I recognized her after posting her pics on my blog- and I introduced myself. Gosh, she's even more beautiful in person with lovely thick hair pulled back in a braid, cool jeans and boots...She had just ended her work day. Farming!
It was a good night, but I'll let most of the photos be self-explained as I have to get back to my sewing....!

These are Kevin (aka Call Me Squirrel) antler finds. Kevin finds these in the woods when he walks with his dog. They live out west. I'm always talking about them. I imagine him lugging sack fulls of antlers home and coming home and making a grilled cheese sandwich pleased with himself and how well they are selling in Lancaster. (I always dreamed of living in I'm rambling.)

it seems it's our tradition now to hit the Creative ReUse Center on First Fridays. I don't know who immerses themselves more in all the donated arty or the kids!

It's a nice way to end the night. Strolling home with assorted things to entice your creative imagination.

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