Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Salon Fin....

I met the fantastic Leigh Lindsay of Fin Salon while Max was in his first year at the Coop preschool. I loved that she named her girls Lulu and Poppy. Loved it.
and a year later, I had a new baby girl to name. And I knew that I'd love a simple sweet name like that. One that started with an "M" that is how I picked the name Mimi.
So if I loved her kids names, i must love her salon? yeah...more like super love!

There's vintage aprons-

and art from local artists lurking everywhere...

Repurposed furniture (her station is a work bench, and the towel storage is a vintage dresser...)

and cool places to sit. (and cool local people to sit next to!)

I wanted to buy Leigh's painting...but she had just promised it to a charity for children. (of course)

On your way out, local handmade jewelry and even locally made in Lancaster hair and body care products from NAMA.

so now, i not only get my haircut by the professional, confident, and swift Leigh Lindsay, but I go home smelling and looking great...
Inspired by Leigh, our artistic community in Lancaster and all of Leigh's Very Real Artiness!
All just 5 minutes from my house. that's Love.

Salon Fin is located at 602 North Mary Street in Lancaster.
Reach them by phone at: 717-396-3891.

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leigh said...

awwww.. xoxo your too awesome....