Monday, March 21, 2011

Bonjour Sweet Mimi French...on Etsy!

Today, March 21, my dear sweet little Mimi is five months old.
In celebration, I have opened up an Etsy shop for her...

Inspired by all the fun we've been having with her cute French name, Mimi's shop is selling French inspired felt accessories made from wool blend felt... Rings and hair clips (so far). Prices for the current offering range from $12-$14, with pendants coming soon. I hope that as Mimi gets older, she'll be excited to create her own designs for her already established Etsy shop.

It's been lots of fun getting it ready, doing lots of research of french treats:-) Gorgeous strawberry delicacies, chocolate masterpieces, raspberry tarts...hard work i must say:)
We are excited to announce that her line will be available at her first retailer soon, The My Aunt Debbie Shop, at 310 North Queen Street in Lancaster. Keep an eye open for little pastry hair clips and bold souffle rings at this favorite Lancaster destination!

And here's the best bit for you: Be one of the first three historic sales in Mimi's Etsy shop, and her Momma will send you a super special felt treat:-) Visit to see the fresh selection first hand.

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sweetmaggiemay said...

Update: Sweet Mimi French pieces are now available at My Aunt Debbie. 310 North Queen Street. New pieces added weekly:-)