Friday, January 15, 2010

January 2010: 15 days in

Today is only the 15th of January, yet the year is already busy. Each day seems to start out relatively calm, but then there's always some kind of excitement or surprise.

I promised Rand at Thistle and Clover in Brooklyn, a few of my things for the first week of January. got those out and celebrated at the coffee shop with little Max- so so cold the day we mailed them. and the shop was so warm. I'm so flattered to have my little brooches there.

I've met with the Indie girls (see previous post), had breakfast with Rachel-Marie and Occy ( had a nice long chat, and have visited Peachy Green and chatted with Rachelle.

Each day there seems to be orders in my inbox, exciting news from family or friends, or neat news from one of my retailers.

I almost forgot about how different our life is in Spring and I started dreaming about warmer days and committing myself to some local (and maybe not local?) craft shows.

So exciting, is the fact that is not just a "website coming soon" page, but a real website now. My cousin Joy of
has been so great putting this together for me. Combined with my new logo, I feel fantastic.

One evening "Coco Before Chanel" was on...I loved the scenes where's she's working in her room, supplies all about...yes, that's how it is here too. always I'm dying wool in my crock pot, or playing with Max while I sew, or packaging up a package at midnight. while the world just works around me somehow.

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