Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Coming Home...

One of my unexpected pressies that came in the month of December, was the delivery of a dozen vintage photos from our property and our neighbors. My mother met a woman named Kathy who grew up in the house next to me. Her best friend Barbie lived in my house. Tomorrow night, Kathy (the little blonde) and her mother (now 90), are meeting my neighbors Misty and Joe and getting a tour of their old home. Kathy's mother told her, "I would just love to see that house again."
(the little boy David and the dark haired girl Barbie lived in my house).
Here is a block party photo taken in our back yard.

These were the original owners of our homes that were built in the early 50's and we heard wonderful stories about watching the other homes on the street being built, the planting of trees (which are now 50 and 80 feet tall), and the building of WGAL TV.
I am grateful to have heard that my home was full of fun and love, and that it was a great place to grow up. Much time was spent in my rec room by the children (which apparently is set up the same way as then) down to the board games in the built-in cabinets.
When you move into a home, you wonder about the people who lived there before. I'm glad they had a good time here.

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