Friday, January 29, 2010

sooo cute!

I sent some samples to my childhood friend Laurie McDonagh. Laurie now has a photography studio and recently won a Best of Boston award! Here are some sweet shots that I'll use in my Etsy shop photos. Her girls are cuties, and I'm having flashbacks of hanging out with Laurie in our hometown of Pepperell, Massachusetts- walking home from school together past victorian homes on Main Street, fall leaves crunching under our feet. and singing songs upstairs while we waited for our Mom's to call us down for dinner.

(this photo above is so precious. it reminds me of the wet felting directions to, "handle your wool like a baby bird" (in particular you need to do this when you dye your wool)
In other news, we've been keeping busy this week with utilizing the last days of Matt's insurance, so dentist and eye appointments all around. Picked out some really fun new glasses- very daring of me, must say. Got my hair cut- like a little French girl, the guys haircuts are next. And Matt needs a new suit for interviews. we'll look like we've had makeovers in about a weeks time.

Now, you have to admit it. There is a group of girls and women in the world, who see a red flower for their hair, home, their VW Bug vase holder, and have to have it. This is why I make red ones, and they were the first to sell out at City Arts Market. Believe me, owner of red shoes, a red front door, and red house shutters, I understand.
Max has taken to building and playing board games all day. Our living room looks like a construction zone for kids, with block castles everywhere. Chutes and Ladders anyone? Come on in, just mind your step:-)

Now these sweeties are cute...

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