Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm old, and I like it!

Here's a pic of me and DH last Saturday at my friends gorgeous wedding at the York Country Club!

I've been super busy this week- with German au pair Lena here- but I managed to finish my Night Night Sleep Tight Don't Let the Bed bugs bite end table.

available on etsy very soon!!!!

Today I went to IKEA after dropping off Lena (who is flying to Orange County, Cali!!!!)
Oh I love IKEA! So clean. So modern. But people should pair their stuff with homemade things. This week is art art art...nesting nesting nesting...maybe a little Vacation and lots of time to think about me as an older mom...I want to look comfortable and arty all the time (for those of you in the world that think I'm annoying and insane for wanting to look "arty" go fly a kite!)
My idea of arty is a gorgeous gray sweater and old dark wash jeans, Dansko shoes, and cool glasses. Iwould love to have crazy curly red hair though...but the heavens above gave that to Erica:-)

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