Saturday, August 2, 2008

Max's Room

i think it's finished...I want to add a few of the
vehicles applique things to the road and hills-
I've been thinking this week, "boy, I really have to do some art, I'm slacking!" and then I remember that THIS is what I did this week :-) I think it's a special thing that I did for Max, and that feels good. He walks in his room and says , "Ta Da!"
it even looks cool from the hall! He doesn't know he's getting a train table for his birthday, it's replacing the little IKEA table.

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sol y sombra creations said...

That looks wonderful! He's so lucky to have such a creative mom.
I got your email and intend to w/b soon...takes me awhile sometimes to actually sit down and means I actually have to use my brain, something I am not accustomed to lately ;-)