Sunday, August 31, 2008

An Inspiring End to Summer 2008

We just got back from a long weekend, at my husbands families summer son is playing there and having the time of his life, and it is so neat to think that he's the 5th generation of his family that has summered here- over a period of 99 years!!!! This is Anne's cottage- a woman that really fascinates much so that I've knocked on her door twice, not knowing her, and have been invited in both times- and she just talks with me like she knows me.
This weekend I asked if I could photograph her place- I got some great shots that I will use for a special show Lancaster Indie Arts is putting together. a "Home" themed show benefiting Habitat for Humanity, my favorite cause these last couple of years.
Anne's home represents a dream summer home to me. And if you think the outside looks cool, the inside gets even better. She really inspired me this time. I love the clear colors of everything in her house. She is so cool, I can't stop thinking about the whole thing...She's sitting inside wearing a red sweater, eating her dinner, surrounded by the artiest stuff, and next to her are her books, and her flatscreen. A woman after my own heart!
We are really lucky to have a wonderful place like this cottage community to take my son to in the summer. With towering trees and little paths and fantastic is a perfect place to spend summers in childhood.

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