Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hi Grandma....

This has never happened to before, and I rather enjoyed it. For two days, in different areas of my house, I could smell my Grandma's perfume, her hallway, her upstairs, her house, her closets...every time I turned a corner in my own home.
I know it was her, because this hasn't happened before. And it continued and continued. I might as well have been back in her house. Hi Grandma!

I have been busy busy busy cleaning the house this weekend, and fixing up my guest room (a mess since DH decided to install insulation last winter in our crawl spaces, and used the guest room as project central.) In one week, Lena, my German au pair - for - a - week! will be here...transitioning to LA. So Max will have a friend, and I'll have someone to talk to. She reminds me of myself when I was a nanny. Max runs up to the guest room now and chatters, "Me in Ena room, yes, sleep here..."

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