Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Girl of Many Hats

I am not only obsessed British Wensleydale wool felter (and British tweed accessory maker), but I keep it local by working as the weekly Indie artist bookkeeper for The My Aunt Debbie Shop at 310 North Queen in Lancaster. Yes, Debbie pays her artists WEEKLY! Love her. Each week I log in the latest pieces and email each vendor telling them what sold.
It's rather an ideal situation for which I am grateful for. I get a weekly pay from my bookkeeper work, and get to pop in and drop off my new pieces each week while I pick up the weeks' paperwork- saying hello to my friends and owners Debbie, and Alicia of Mommalicious. Here's today's stop at shop:

I've hardly left my house this week (well besides today)...but I've been so busy~!!!
Alicia's vintage wool sweater on folky chair...

I am re-branding myself, and that means designing and ordering new cloth labels, designing and printing new product cards, and emailing companies for pricing. Check out the cute knitty bun card at the shop, so cute!

The work will continue as I finalize my sample pieces for NYC, and create a pricing sheet and bio. Then I thought of new business cards. SIGH. Check out Debbie's new Pocket Dolly Pendants- which she made in her (very cool) studio this week.

Most dreamy is the making of the sample pieces themselves, which puts me one moment in cloud nine, the next with pencil and paper in hand writing down components I need to source. (and order). I really don't need much, but it does add up. And here comes the postman with another little supplies parcel from Etsy...
and there I am running out again, with baby on hip to shop for, gluesticks! or string! or tulle!!!
My friend Maggie's dolls- aren't they great?

Debbie, fixing the new headband display (cuz I brought her some new ones:))

It's a lot of busyness over here.

Hope your January is going well so far. The date says January 11. I think I have been productive. xxxxx

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