Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year 2012- Big Aspirations

Our 2011 ended on a mentally energized, but physically exhausted note. I spent New Year's Eve keeping an eye on Mimi who had a bad ear infection and Max who was worn out from six days of visiting relatives. I was still working on my My Aunt Debbie vendor paperwork at 3pm.

An hour later, I had made myself presentable (above me in Izzy Lane scarf XXXXX).
We went to Jo Ellen's house down the road to do our gift exchange, have a bite to eat, and celebrate the end of the year, with kids:) I made Opal a felted caplet made from a cashmere sweater- that I sewed little felt things to.

When we got back home (by 7:30:) ), I worked on new branding- which included designs for card backs for some new clips and bobby pin sets. I was emailing printers to ask if they had recycled cardstock at 10:30pm.

By Sunday, I had decided I'm going to New York early this spring to talk to a potential buyer. As a Mom of two, this is easier said than done. But it's come down to it, and it's the right time now. I've spent some time looking at train schedules- which aren't agreeing with my plans so far, hotels in case it comes to that, although my favorite is already booked, youtube videos, and shopping for odd bits and pieces this week.
Then my cold seemed to turn into some sort of bronchitis situation.

I did not write resolutions this year. I know them so well they are just my own visions. When I think of them, I am so used to them, they are almost boring now (even though some of them are exciting and absolutely not boring.) They are the same dreams for myself as the last few years, but I think evolution is now in my favor. I'm so tired of writing down things anyway, only to throw them out later, embarrassed someone would find what I wrote, read it, and go, "Whaaaa?" In many of the visions I am wearing really good shoes. And I'm a frequent traveler. Both out of new necessity. I'll give you that.

Please enjoy, for I am Andie. - perhaps you need to stop the music on my playlist first:

Big aspirations. Sort of grown up and scary.
I hope yours are simply to lose 5lbs!

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