Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I took on the task of designing my own hang tags, cardbacks, and other fantastic branding elements. I've been sitting at this very spot for days on end....!!!

I am not a graphic designer. It is in no way my forte. I am more of a free spirit shaper of materials or something. Not "click, insert, shift, align, background, foreground, measure, borders...." at one point I screamed. It was midnight and the image I loved kept MULTIPLYING!!!! on my final proof.
My vegan bbq riblets were still on the plates at the dinner table. That made for a yucky morning. I never leave dishes overnight.
More fun, Max and I had a moment- We sat on the floor and and checked out some real cloth label samples. (my current ones need altered, and I'm going super-pro.)I picked one I liked. I have no idea what this tiny black satiny embroidered label will cost. Those I have to also design. OMG.

but I managed to do some felting. and that was lovely as always.

Mimi and Max and I have managed to spend some nice time together. Picnics on the floor....

helping with writing...peeling and eating oranges, and sweeping up things (cheerios, strings, tiny bits of wool).

Remember when working at your desk just meant crayons and deciding what color to make your Mom and Dad's shirts and hair?

I breathed easier tonight after I submitted my order for the hang tags.
An hour later, I had tidied entire first floor and whipped up a felt flower. Ahhhh.

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