Friday, December 16, 2011

Emergency Shop Stop

Just in from the My Aunt Debbie and Mommalicious shop...where we dropped off some colorful Wensleydale headbands (requested by a shopper today- thank you!) and some french inspired felt rings and barrettes from Mimi's line.

The shop windows look fantastic! Debbie's is ablaze with antler decor from Call Me Squirrel (found by Squirrel in the woods with his dog).

We are on crazy time now...this week was nuts. I had a horrendous case of Strep early in the week, which was followed by the important holiday activities one would expect a week before Christmas. Super Mom managed a holiday open house with both kids...

the school Christmas concert with a wiggling Mimi...

mailing Christmas cards,finishing a blankie and two Christmas crowns for the kids, a little bit of shopping, you know...etc.

anyway...back at the shop- check out the Call Me Squirrel cuties...

(even better at night.)

Alicia's Mommalicious window is a frosted vintage holiday wonderland.

Here's in new glasses- half hour old. purple and lime "Hepburn" they say. Mimi..."behind" the scenes, we're at the register! working the counter. Like Big Shots.

and here's what we dropped off...

We took a spin around the shop and checked out all the festiveness...

Mimi wondering when she can wear larger vintage items. First it was these shoes.

(above) she was eyeing these tweedy hats. (Tweed girl, of course she was.)

Alicia and her little vignettes= FAB..

I hope you have a good weekend. I hope I can clean up my house! Might need a little Christmas miracle!!! XXX

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