Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Learning about wholesale shows...

I'm spending some time lately learning from a mentor about wholesale shows. Tonight I am listening to a great seminar on Demystifying Wholesale for artists by Click on my link, and you can listen to it as well.

I came across these images from the January "Accessories The Show" in New York. I have to say, coming from the Indie craft scene...I'm in awe over the whole magnitude of buyers and each booth setup. I'll have to learn more about this, and figure out when I'm ready to go this route. It looks very exciting to me. As I sit here in my yoga pants with my baby asleep sucking her thumb!

I'll go to sleep tonight thinking about how I would display my things.

My mentor had mentioned I need a chair for my buyers. My eyes got big when I saw this booth. I'm imagining carrying in that lovely ottoman myself. Somehow I don't think that would fit in the back of my Toyota!

I would love to have a few wholesale accounts, to keep me busier this year. Regarding doing a wholesale show, I have some learning to do. But I wanted to post these photos on my blog so that I can aspire to be in a great show like this.

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