Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Flower Brooches...

these are pretty on tight plain Gap-like t-shirts:-)
see the neat trims? pink lace ribbon and white ribbon? and Max did a freecycle run last Sunday to the most beautiful farm right outside of Millersville (for Christmas things)...sweeping views all around, old red farmhouse (sighhh....) dirt driveway....rolling hills, long front yard, a nice breeze, a vegetable garden across from the front door. I met a wonderful woman who said we're welcome to come back and visit and she says, "don't know if you do crafts, but you can look through these boxes of craft things...." (magic words)...I took a few things, including these vintage trims...they were on the neatest cardstock with Victorian printed writing.

check my Etsy shop for them.

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