Monday, July 6, 2009

got into another book...

Garth of was so nice and emailed me (back) today saying he selected two of my three submissions for the book.

I'm excited about this...the concept of this one is just soooo cool. My resourceful scavenger Godfather Uncle Peter would be proud of me.

(due out this November 2009)...check Borders...that's where I've found Quarry books before.

in other news...
I had the most fantastic dream last night. We were in Paris at the most magical department store (please note I've been to the mall 3x since Christmas).- sweeping red carpeted gilded stairs (i'm the only one on the stairs), staff is all wearing Chanel...dresses displayed with coordinating hats in deep rows. i keep climbing stairs, everything is burgundy red and gold.
We get to the top, and enter a fancy private room with a cat. A fancy-dressed younger man lets us in. Big Paris windows with drapes. He presses a button on the wall and down down down the room goes! suddenly the ceiling is holding onto the room with gold cables. When the room lands, we are in a child's dream playroom and Max is enthralled.
I head out onto the street and pass Scarlet Johansson (black skinny jeans, white shirt, over sized neutral drapey coat thing, sunglasses, great bag). I head into a little cafe and make a phone call- then back to the store.

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