Sunday, July 26, 2009

All Naturale....

I've had a creative obsession the last month - rare British wool! Did you know that Wensleydale sheep are endangered?

I had wondered what I could make with this wool, even dreamed about it, and after a few emails and phone calls I found a supplier only 1.32 miles from me! Jeri from Flying Fibers...just got back from North Yorkshire last week. I had the loveliest evening with her, and she taught me about the fibers she brought back. Jeri is the Art Dept Chair at Millersville University. It was delight to chat with her and her Brit husband Matthew- who I knew from Building Character.

this piece was posted off to a special place Friday night. The base is Black Shetland wool, the flower bases are Brown Shetland, and the delicate white filigree looking felt is White Wensleydale. I have never felt anything so lovely as that...

this one is so simple, the fibers themselves are just extraordinary and they all felted like a dream.

I am making a second one - have all of the 8 individual pieces felted already, but now I'm on a search for mother of pearl buttons, from England.

As the recession continues, it is lovely to be creating things with the absolute finest materials- it feels like these are things that would be saved, and worn, and cherished, and worn again. To work with Wensleydale wool in particular- it feels like a special moment in time, as it is a fiber unlike any other, with a very very limited supply available. Although it's summer I can't help think that in autumn and winter this type of piece could be worn all the time with lovely sweaters, and because it's so special, it would make your day special too.


Magdalen said...

These are great! Love the new pieces. It's so great that Jeri was able to help you out. She was one of my very favorite professors at MU.
Maggie M.

Kate in PA said...

Just found your blog by "accident" and love this piece...and several others...and realize that you have been gracious enough to give me some wonderful things on Freecycle!
What a small world.
I'm looking more & more into the local art scene (I'm in Lititz), and getting excited about it, though mostly I'm into scrapbooking.

Love your stuff & your style. Hope to meet you someday.

sweetmaggiemay said...

and Jeri loved you! she said your work was outstanding and I said your work was fantastic, and then we both sighed!