Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Studio Space!

well I thought the basement space I was making was neat...til I never used it, and kept right on painting at my oven:-)
then I remembered my Uncle Joe had my late Grandma's neighbors table (Peg McCluskey)...and I remembered it was crazy cool, and pink! and I remembered visiting her and she was always sitting at it, and I was totally enchanted by that table as a young girl, even though Peg scared me a little bit because she was a little gruff.
So Uncle Joe brought it up from Maryland yesterday, and JUST LOOK how cute it is in my kitchen! It fits perfectly.
Matt says it gives the kitchen a rosy glow. And we can eat at it, and set up buffets on there and I can paint there.
I love House Hunters International, and I kept thinking last night, "if I buy that flat in Paris one day, this is coming with me! and it's staying pink!!!!"
(this is the view from my back door now!)
So I'm thinking now that it's from the 1930's- if anyone has an idea let me know.
and what's so neat is that my Grandpa (i think) used to have some beers at this very table, and my Grandma would sit at it while she visited Peg McCluskey too:-)
IKEA shelves, with my emerging Milk Glass collection:-)
door has chalkboard painted inserts
Armstrong sticky tiles floor that I installed about 3.5 years ago, 6 weeks postpartum on my own:-)
am now in the market for a chair that I will paint to match.
the four chairs that matched this table are now folk art chairs, two in Liz Lamberts LancasterARTS office, and two at Maggie Mowery's house, one is the blue dream chair, one is the Etsy chair. Now that I have this table, the fact that I had previously painted the chairs hurts me a little bit, but I'll find something neat to use.
how I managed 5.5 years in our house with no little table on this side of the kitchen, I don't know:-)

check out for some new listings:-)

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