Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Artist of the Month Muhlenburg Art Gallery

So not that I've been busy or anything: LOL!!!! So TODAY was my drop off at the Muhlenburg Township Building, I am artist of the month for March. Please read the cool description they hung up:-) I wrote it the other night at 2am.
Of course me and Max got lost on the way. UGH. I have so much trouble with the bypasses, etc around Reading. But we got there, thank you Karen! And everyone was so very friendly and it is so nice that they are having me there.
Max was SUCH a good little boy, being my helper, and playing with his Transformers as we set up. He glanced up when it was about half hung up and beamed. He likes my art, it's so sweet.
Tomorrow is the last day of the Home Sweet Home Show at Square One Coffee. I still have some things there so stop in and take a look before we pick up.
Many of these pieces are my own favorites, that I don't show anymore. That means they were hanging up in my house last night, and now they are not, and my house looks very empty of art!:-)
enjoy Muhlenburg:-)

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