Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sorry I've been MIA!

Easter. Au Pair stuff. Kid stuff. Card contest. Chair Painting. Necklace Making. FreeCycling. Artist friend wedding. (gift for artist friend making), Commission for another friend, delivering work...
in other news:
I have felt confused about my son's choice of school's in the coming years, and we went to the "Night of the Arts" at the city elementary by our house. The work was BEAUTIFUL!!!! and it lined all the walls- I kept thinking I could buy this or that.
What an old but interesting and pleasant school. It was built in the 1920's, and the tile work was so neat- the bathrooms were all different (they had the doors to them open:-) ) and I'm talking 5 or 6 different tile levels, all coordinating in each bathroom, very intricate (i'm not a tile expert, sorry if I don't make sense) ...big arched windows above stairwells, lots of stuff in the classrooms, and the kids are so diverse, and there were many arty moms, so that was very nice. I could even make friends!
My dear dear little son who loves music (and I swear will grow up to be a Maestro or a music teacher) left me and the audience of circling parents, to stand 2 feet away from the violinists playing; he stood there, chin down, and watched them by himself for three songs straight, in the middle of the empty space, with everyone wondering who this tiny little guy was. All the parents were just waiting for him to do something bad, and he just stood there, alone listening to them and watching them. The music teacher was even wide-eyed- so i'm not nuts I guess thinking he REALLY likes music.
We asked him if he wants to go to that school and he nodded, "Yep!"
I got my violin out for him tonight and he played it proudly for an hour. When I put it away he ran around saying, "OH NO! NAY NAY?!" I had to tell him that Daddy needs to go to sleep and we'll play it again in the morning.

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