Sunday, March 30, 2008


I am at work on a chair for Vinalhaven, Maine and a commission for Strawberry in Ithaca- so I'm sort of taking a small art hiatus these last few days. It started with the exciting pickup of my retro arm chair for the living room, FREECYCLED!!!!!...the exciting part was that they just said it was green and "older" and no one had claimed it after a week (worrisome), so they reoffered it, and me and my MIL went to pick in up in my BIL's toyota SUV....
we pulled up to the house, and saw it on the porch and it was like "hooray!!! it's COOL!" I am really enjoying it in the corner of my living room, it has changed the dynamic of the house.
as if that wasn't exciting enough :-), I got a bunch of stuff for my son, my sweet boy, and this is SO funny, now has so many shorts I think he needs a new bureau.
Rachel-Marie gave me the most beautiful art today and also a beautiful necklace she made, I am speechless about it, and YOU will see me in it, so just wait!!!!

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