Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What Awaits Little One I do not know for sure...but I think I know...

My little Mimi, you see a genetics doctor tomorrow. I hope the doctor can tell us why are so small and not growing well.
You are 32 inches tall and you weigh 21 lbs 15 ounces.
You are 26.5 months old.
I've done all the research I can find. I think you have Russell Silver Syndrome.
I've found you little friends who are growing like you.
I've gotten used to you not outgrowing your clothes, and taking in the waist of your pants. I don't mind anymore that when you stand next to another two year old, sometimes you just reach their shoulder. You are silly and so smart.
I love you, my Mimi Angeline. you fabulous and tiny little one. You can be and do anything you want to do no matter your size. You show them tomorrow, give them all you got...

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Anonymous said...

Any way I can contact you? I am going through the same things with my 3.5 yo son and I feel so sad and lost I have so many questions and don't know where to turn! I have a lot of anxiety over testing/treatment