Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The latest...

I have recently accepted a position with my old company, Cultural Care Au Pair, out of Cambridge, Mass. I'll be supporting au pairs and families here in the Lancaster area. I'm excited to return to this position.

(but don't worry, I'm still creating accessories from Izzy Lane tweed...look for more pieces at Mommalicious by the end of the month).

I've spent the last couple of weeks retraining online, and will attend a training conference in the next few weeks.

in other news...

I am still convinced that Mimi has more going on than just your standard Constitutional Short Stature. Her nutritionist rang today and she talked with me about outfitting Mimi with a continuous blood glucose monitor for three days. I was a little startled by this, but I don't think Mimi's eating habits are at all normal.
Mimi begs for food often from 11pm until 1am, even though she is still logging in 1400 calories a day on average. She now has gram gaining goals, and with her dairy allergy, we are pacing the aisles of Giant looking for fattening, protein rich things she'll like. (First couple weeks of January, and I'm searching for fattening foods, with the highest calories, while other shoppers whisk past me with their energy bars and salads!)

While at the store the other day, Mimi said hello to a little girl. The girl said to her mother, "Mommy! That baby can talk!"

Max came down with the flu on Tuesday, the same day he was supposed to get his flu shot. I ended up taking his shot instead, and am suffering with some aches of the universe. I'm just hoping it stays away from Mimi, who hugs Max constantly, and plays doctor, with her giant medical kit.

Have a great week!

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