Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Vote for a President, and a Clothes Switcharoo...

I voted today and made boysenberry muffins. At night, when all the traffic was at the polls, I lugged all my "old life" clothes to the Candy Factory, for a cool trade-a-thon.
Give up your old clothes, see your friends, and find some new stuff to wear.
Whatever isn't taken, goes to Sandy victims, some who have lost everything.
Well, you can't beat hanging at the Candy Factory. Or seeing old friends. Or networking. Although I just told the group, "I'm Maggie French." Did not say, "I make headbands. and they are available across the street at Mommalicious." I was a bit hungry and excited to get started on my new wardrobe.
That's ok, though, because I found a photographer and a good model. What more do I need?
I did not think I had enough clothes to bring to work with.
Of course like any typical woman my age, I came up with a pile that went up to my hip.
Did I find anything new? Of course! It was great:)
I walked away with lots of new stuff. And surprisingly lots of stuff for the kids.
It was really fun and a bit exciting too:)
And it made election day extra cool.
Have a good evening, and Congratulations to President Obama.

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