Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Kids

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We had family visiting, and the kids had a great time with their three cousins. Max and his cousin Audrey made a hideout under the porch of my parents house. It doesn't get more fun than that, really!
We have entered into a serious (and messy) crafty phase in the house.
It's Play Doh time every other day. But all of our Play Doh has this colorful tie dye thing going on. We need the super Play Doh pack for Christmas. Everything we've been creating, critters, little marbles, ice cream cones...everything is marbled.
Surprisingly, we had no school all last week. that was followed by a holiday. I need a few days to deep clean.
The night before Thanksgiving, Mimi's endocrine doctor called us and said that he thinks they'll just test her again in six months. I asked him about the short stature statement on his notes to her primary. He said, "we'll see if she falls off her growth curve." I said, "i think she's only grown a cm since July." I told him we'll see genetics in January. He doesn't think it's necessary, but my primary does.
I'm trying not to think of it today. Even though yesterday, from my calculations she ate 56+ grams of protein.
Max got new glasses! He can see a bit better and thinks they'll be cool with his bow ties.
Is Christmas really near? It seems so. but we have relatives headed to Europe during December, the cousins not coming after Christmas (which will make for a quieter holiday), Christmas lists made, a fake tree in the garage, which we'll probably (for budgets sake) break out again, and our holiday activities lined up on the calendar.
I would like to decorate a tiny bit. Maybe I'll just put the holiday wreathe on the door. I'll wait to get the rest out, until I have a handle on the house. XX

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