Saturday, March 24, 2012

Henri Bendel Open-See

I brought my new line of British Wensleydale wool and Shetland tweed accessories to Henri Bendel on Friday for the fall-fashion Open See. The buyer said they
"are heavy, for fall, and are preppy." I said politely, "oh yes, they are for fall."
from the website "Our buyers will be viewing product for the Fall 2012 season..."
The moment threw me, and it was downhill from there.

I had barely opened the second part of my line, my lovely collaboration British Shetland tweed headbands and she repeated, "yah, these are preppy." Those I agree are very Classic- of course they are! they are made from British tweed. They are meant to be worn with British knits and tweeds:) She said something about uptown, but I can't remember if it is they who are uptown or if they think my pieces were uptown. Probably the first one? I don't know! It's already sort of a disappointing blur, as right after she said preppy (for the second time) I was trying to tie the brown satin ribbon back on my white box, having barely showed them any of it.
I'm rather confused over the whole thing. Maybe they were just talking out loud. Even though it was the Open See for "Fall Fashion" perhaps, in 80 degree weather, they weren't really ready to select things for fall just yet. And maybe preppy meant too plain, too simple? I'm just unsure what happened, I don't understand, really. I'll just continue to stay in my own creative zone, and begin my spring and summer pieces. My friend in England emailed, "it's a total bloody bummer though."

See me at 24 seconds, chatting with those around me in line. Every passing by New Yorker seemed to come to me to answer the "what is this line for?" question. My new friends said it's because I look friendly.
(you'll have to stop my playlist first so you can hear the video, just stroll to the bottom of my blog to turn the music off).

Bill Cunningham was snapping shots of a few in line, the very famous photographer- another photographer with a very large camera from I don't know where, asked me to pose with my boxes of pieces for him. I looked behind me, and said, "me?" and then smiled for him.
I will blog later about our two day trip with a coughing, fevering Mimi (I just loaded the washer with the "more" puked on clothes, mine and hers- UGH)- we took some photos that I'll treasure even though the outcome with the buyer wasn't what I'd imagined. She did keep my look book and pricing list, maybe I'll be reconsidered closer to fall.
I will still plug away at working at what I believe in, the revitalization of the British Wool industry, the switch to fashion that is long lasting, Ethical fashion, and helping people to rethink how they feel about wool. I know that I am supported in those causes, so I am ok, just tired! I have a gorgeous new line though, all ready to go, and I can't wait to introduce it, and my collaboration with the whole wide world!

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