Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh Designing!

Oh Dear, the blog has suffered in 2012. I have to admit it. My handful of subscribers probably think I'm in a strange bored seasonal depression, and my customers at the shop downtown must think I'm only good for three items on the shelf- that I must not care much about making much of anything, or writing much about stuff.

but oh no, that's just not the case. My home is a pile of headbands. My once tidy vintage pink kitchen table, is now overloaded with glue gun, potatoes, a sack of charity donations, ribbon, and tape, and string. It's actually a slow creative madness over here. Coffee drinking, laundry folding, cooking things, glue-ing things, felting things, emails to the UK at night, internet researching. An Extravaganza. And this is how one creates a hair accessories line.

So back to some photos of when we've left the house. Here's the market, the fish shop, and the park. In that order. I'm such a great blogger now. Such detail. Yada yada.


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