Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weathering the storm.

the storm that gave us the worst flooding since Agnes was dark and powerful with long long spells of torrential downpours. Every few hours. and it just went on and on for days.

we didn't load up with bottled water. we just used our umbrellas, dug out the kid size raincoat, got one flashlight out, and watched the news. impressed by all day local coverage, rising local rivers, and evacuation reports.

the yards and gardens of the neighborhood have taken a beating. with saturated everything, things look dark green, wind blown and stirred around. but today the sun was out and it was *almost* like nothing happened at all. I spotted this gorgeous flower next door. wrinkly from days of heavy rains.

so delicate. how could it still be here?

and because my favorite neighbor is more of a gardener than me, I photographed the happenings of her plants. Sitting in ransacked mulch. Early autumn leaves thrown about and looking like remnants from after the party.

big leaves serving up some post-party hors d'oeuvres. "Leaf Crisp or Bark Bit?"

delicate little things, thinking innocently that incessant rain is normal.

hearty leafed plants that hugged the old big tree.

who was comforting who?

and amongst it all, a half FULL cup of Flood Blend tea.

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