Sunday, September 4, 2011

To have a little cottage house...

We went to Mt. Gretna today. To celebrate the end of summer. Missing our family cottage and community like this in West Milton- we truly needed a fix.

and we got one.

it was dreamy,

and funky.

as it should be.


With tiny paths in between the houses.

and porch inspiration...

for days.

this one was so big, and lots of crafty stuff lying out on their table.

Mimi was in dog heaven here. with lovely dogs of all shapes and sizes hanging about with their friendly owners.

there were even butterflies.

i think this is the cottage that could have been mine once when I was a single gal. I'm not joking, it was for sale when I was 23 and my Dad suggested helping me buy the place. I spent a couple evenings after work that fall feeling in arty heaven, walking the empty paths and just imagining myself there. It was fabulous, but I think there was an issue with the heat. I wasn't completely sure, so no offer was made.

We ended our visit at The Jigger Ice Cream shop. There was an enormous line, and I sat sweating in the humidity surrounded by towering chocolate sundaes. It was horrendous. And as Matt seemed to stand in line for an hour, another interesting sundae after another would pass by me, one with two little donuts on it, one with a little flag, and the owner of it would carry it with such cockiness and there would be a big "ahhhh!" from their table, and I couldn't taste any of it. Mimi and I and our non-dairy diet ate french fries. Oh boy.

Perhaps next year we will rent here.

oh, my. Summer. bye bye.

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