Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My childhood home in San Antonio, Texas

When I was about 2 years old, we were living in Fairbanks, Alaska. My father was working at the army hospital there, and he was working with an architect from San Antonio on a new hospital design. During the architects stay, he told my Dad that he also had three children, and had built a neat house for his family of five in Texas. The house had a children's wing with a playroom, bathroom, and three bedrooms. My Dad told him that if we were ever transferred there, he'd look into buying his home.
well, as luck would have it, we ended up in San Antonio when I was 3 years old, and my parents bought the architects home.

The home had unusual and fantastic details like stained glass crosses laid between the cinder blocks that would like up when the sun hit them, and create rainbows of crosses on the mexican tile floors.
It was not only a great home, with a nice layout, but it featured a gorgeous patio, and fantastic landscaping, including room for a big garden, a greenhouse, a fort, a wooded area, and a long driveway.
The trees were interesting and jungle like. Whenever a relative visited from far away, we could literally "go find them a tarantula." we loved to do that to freak them out.
And here is the patio where I ate my share of watermelon, dripping down my shirt, and where my sister and I would practice disco dancing!
This was also the house where my sister was bitten by a scorpion while we were being watched by a babysitter!

(this is the nook of the driveway where you could park your car. It was also where I pretended on my bike to "go to Pittsburgh!")

And here is the greenhouse where I learned how to mix cement at the tender age of 5!

I really enjoyed living there until I was 7, when he moved to Massachusetts to a splendid 1880's Victorian.

Recently my parents visited Texas (they met up with friends from Alaska). They walked up to the old house, no one was home. they managed a few photos. and I thought I'd share them on my blog with you.

The stone wall that surrounds the front of the property was built by my Dad and Grandfather. They did an amazing job, and it looks as nice as the day it was finished. (Even the deer think so!)

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