Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Weekend...

Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.
This year I remembered to put newspaper down on Peg's vintage pink table before dying our Easter eggs:-)

Here's Max and Opal laughing over the bathroom fixture planters outside of Building Character, on First Friday April (this past Friday night) here in Lancaster.

I love this shot of Max and Opal, "on their own" walking out to Queen Street along the alley next to Onions restaurant. I hope that Max gets to enjoy lots of cities with quirky alleys and passageways throughout his lifetime:-)

and later at the ice cream shop...

and here's a shot from Easter afternoon, my sweet boy being his charismatic self:-)

I feel like I've truly been in a home cocoon over the last three months. However, I've been hard at work every day and Wonderful felted Wensleydale wool flowers (wool from Yorkshire England) are popping up everyday in my home studio-so bright and full... to be unveiled at my May 1 show (The FROM Scratch INDIEpendent Handmade Market outside of Allentown).
The other day I laid out all I have made and I was overwhelmed. Max popped into the room and said, "Mom, that's a big collection of flowers!"

I look forward to the coming months, the start of show season, the changes happening with me and everyone, and seeing everything beginning to bloom!~


Lydia said...
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Thea said...

I love your kids' names. My brother's name is Max, for a while he wasn't too fond of it, but he likes it now.

sweetmaggiemay said...

Thank you Thea! Opal is Max's friend, and yes that's a terrific name! I'm glad your brother likes his name now!
Max is a total Max. And very adament that he is "Max" etc etc. LOL!