Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Showtime...

Tomorrow is City Arts Market at Eastern Market, the opening day...9-3:00...
I am really excited to see everyone!
When I look at all the things I've painted since I was last there in makes me laugh!
I have so many things- you should see my car right now, I'm loaded up like a nearly busting out the windows...
Also, I really worked up to the last minute. I never paint the day before a show, but today I made 10 magnets, 4 little girl things, put the wire back on a Mary plaque, made all the labels for my crosses.
I also am breaking tradition in that I always do a mock set-up before the big day, but I didn't this time, so I will see what it all looks like tomorrow.
And so much more color this year...everything looked neat at the Punk Rock Flea Market, but this stand will be twice as big, so I'll have fun at 8:15 in the morning laying it all out.
if anyone is coming by early, please bring Miss Maggie a croissant. :-)
See you there!

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