Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Maggie's Toy of the Last Century Award goes to....

PLAYSKOOL BLOCKS, the Nursery Kindergarten ones!

I have been DYING to find these for my son...here are photos from Ebay. Playskool came out with several block sets, but this is one I wanted. The arch, the columns. This set sold on Ebay for $39.99. I found it today at the Ephrata Goodwill for $7.94.

I haven't had this much fun playing with a toy since I was a kid. We are busy tonight building garages for the CARS cars. Talk about old school meets new.

My husband says to me: "remember THIS one?!" and holds up the triangle. what a riot.
They remind me of the Southwestern landscape when you pile them up. It's super cool.
Oh yah...the CARS movie is set out west, that's funny.

In addition to this find (which will remain in my family for the next 100 years), were many things for my art stand including a white tablecloth, a wrought iron hook holder, a retro piece of fabric, and things for my art including vintage buttons, a giant spool of green thread.

For all you arty folks out there, Ephrata is one heck of a stop. The Goodwill is good, and even better is the ReUzit shop on Main Street. It's run by Mennonite volunteers and has so many neat things including craft supplies, suitcases, toys, housewares. There is a ReUzit furniture store too on State Street, but I don't get much there except for books. If you want an inexpensive dresser or hutch that might be the place for you, and often the things are slightly mid-century, just usually a little dark for me. Oh yes, they have old library books from children's schools. That's another trip down memory lane right there.

But NOTHING tops these blocks, NOTHING!!! ok...back to building...

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