Monday, June 23, 2014


So Mimi has begun to grow!

Since the May 30th picture was taken, I think she's grown another half inch. Funny, I was only thinking about her growing taller. So when her Dora sweatshirt sleeves were too short, I couldn't believe it. Her Dora PJ's she's worn for two years are too short. We had to give away a few pairs of shoes, and a few winter coats...all of which she's worn for two years.

I still look at her and wonder if she'll grow a little bit more and then stop, even with the shots? But I think it just takes time, and we'll see how it all pans out. It's all I can do.

Mimi is enjoying her summer so far, swimming with her brother that she calls BoBo, and bossing him around. BoBo, according to the Nutropin height charts, at his current growth rate, is expected to be six foot one! Mimi at her current percentile, is predicted at four foot eleven. However, she had completely stopped growing last November, so I think her predicted height would have been much smaller. Her mid-parental height goal  is five foot five. I don't really care, I just want her to be the healthiest she can be.

We recently had her appointment with the cardiologist, and it was another week of worry. GHD kids can have thin left ventricle walls, causing stress during exercise. Mimi gets fatigue after 45 minutes of play, so I was concerned. She had a full workup with an Echo Cardiogram, she was so good during it. However, I thought for sure we would be expedited to Dupont Hospital within the hour, after seeing her heart valves and blood gushing here and there.

The Dr. came in and said all was ok. But the next day rang me at home asking how she was. (Dupont cardiology Dr. personally calling to ask me how she was...imagine that on your voice mail!). The cardiologist said that Mimi was pretty tachycardic at the appt, and wanted to know what her blood pressure was today. Well of course, um, I haven't checked it today. LOL....but then I kept trying to wait for her to nap so I could check it again, because he wanted me to get a sleeping BP from her and page him right away. oh....that stressed me out. How do you page someone? heehee, and do we have a minute hand in the house, at all, anywhere? Then he mentioned a Holter monitor...oh God.

All was ok, after she slept, he thinks the GH med is causing a fast heart rate. But reading about the heart differences in GHD kids was a reminder that my child isn't just small, that she has a condition that Growth Hormone can help. Anyway, we have a followup in a year.

That's all the news for today:) More in a couple of days...

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